Delicious Nut Butter Cookies

Things here have been very busy. I have a few of my own recipes to post but no time to work on them yet. So for today, I want to post a link to a fantastic recipe we made this week.
I was looking for a a paleoized cookie to put in my 2nd grader’s lunch box. He’s been doing great with being gluten free, but I felt like maybe a little treat in his lunch box would help him feel like he’s not missing out on whatever the other kids are having. I stumbled upon this Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies recipe from Elanas Pantry. She makes some amazing baked goods with almond flour, so we decided to give it a go. The kids went nuts for them (no pun intended). I did half jam filled, half chocolate chunk filled. And I made 2 batches–one with peanut butter and one sun butter. The sun butter makes a nice nut free and Paleo treat for schools that don’t allow nuts.
Give them a shot. Your kids will love them!




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